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About Us


We are a fully functioning pharmacy with all of today's doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals.  Our pharmacy accepts all insurances.  Copays are the same wherever you may be getting your current prescriptions filled.

Integrative medicine is a new concept that embraces the body as a whole.  This philosophy integrates medicine, wellness and lifestyle into one treatment.  Shoreline Integrative Pharmacy is a boutique pharmacy that focuses on our customers through service, selection and education.  We help you maintain a balanced relationship with your body through:

  • Natural Options – We carry practitioner-grade supplements and natural remedies while employing a knowledgeable staff that guides you and your family to achieve your health goals.
  • Skincare – Our curated collection offers natural and laboratory developed skincare that assists in anti-aging, sunscreen and beyond.
  • Education – We have a dedicated “living room” where we host health professionals (nutritionists, practitioners, chefs, vendors, etc.) who will share their knowledge with you.
  • Ambiance – Going to a pharmacy is a health-improvement experience.  We want you to feel better the moment you step into our environment.
  • Customer Interaction – Our philosophy is to welcome, listen and recommend.

Our pharmacy empowers you to get answers to your questions regarding modern medicine and natural remedies all under one roof.  We create healthier lifestyles through options that promote preventative care. Shoreline Integrative Pharmacy gets to the root of people’s health problems instead of just treating symptoms.

Our pharmacy embraces the philosophy of equilibrium.  We all aspire for balanced lives.  Navigating through day-to-day responsibilities of home and work while maintaining a sense of “self” takes effort.  We are here to help.

Shoreline Integrative Pharmacy services Westport, Weston, Fairfield and beyond.  We look forward to growing with these communities through charitable events and supporting local causes.